A True Reader ?

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Thoughts
I wonder how to define a True Reader…
The other day, I was talking with my colleague about a book I’d just bought. “I may glance at it,” he told me, “but I don’t really read anymore.” I didn’t say anything but my internal response was, “Huh?” That colleague of mine reads the paper regularly, reads information on the Internet almost daily, and often browses through books that other people are carrying, even if he doesn’t read the whole thing. Oh, and later that day, he started reading through a non-fiction book kept in my cubicle. Only a few days later, he’s over halfway through. While I don’t think I’ve ever seen him read through a novel, he regularly reads.I’ve read articles about people downplaying their reading when they don’t read “literature,” but this was the first time I saw someone do it. I’ve always considered him a reader (though i know him for just 4 months), but he was discounting the huge amount of reading he does because he doesn’t read entire works of fiction. I wonder, if even readers ( though i don’t even know the true definition of one) would count up the amount of time and pages they read on books they didn’t finish, how much time and how many pages would be represented?

Does “reading” means going through the huge volumes of fiction like LOTR, HP or banging your senses and brains into the works of philosophical wonders or reading is simply reading any stuff you’ve at hand?

I wonder why do we count a particular type of reading as “real”?

Who perpetuates ideas of “real” reading, and what I do for the people in the community who may not read the books on fiction or philosophy or travelling; because they aren’t “readers,” when they really are?


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