I witness

Posted: December 12, 2010 in So called Poetry

And i witness
aye brother just like you i too witness
the pain, the cruelty, the humanity
more devastating than a war
more splendid than any art

thou want me to be more human?
aye brother i too want to be human
but in this life there are seldom
you ask me put that mask on
you want me to take all this on

Aye brother i too want it on
want to close eyes on faces forgone
want to be like the rest who move on
to kill the emotions, to kill the feelings
to smile on tears in ignoring

Aye brother you laugh me over?
their sorrow is not our share
their sufering we shouldn’t care
their hunger and their plight
why waste life on such a sight

Aye brother i’m a mere witness
aye brother i can’t be a success
alas i try, alas i witness
human vanity, human success
Aye brother i do witness


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