The Client – just a nice page flipper

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Books, Reviews

I won’t rate “The client”, I never rate Gresham, his novels are like – time pass reads, momentary pleasure, one or two night stands with well spun plots and a few real to life characters…. certainly no masterpiece.

The Client is, overall, a nice book, good page turner. Although it does drag in places and some of the “lawyer jargon” can get annoying, the characterization and plot are quite involving. It is a very suspenseful and unpredictable novel which kept me up till 4 am reading.
What make the book so good are the characters.
Mark Sway–an eleven year old, trailor-trash, kid is brilliant and foolish all at the same time which keeps the book moving well because every time he gets himself out of a situation, he always manages to get himself into another. He talks like he’s 45 and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He also questions a lot about society and the legal system in such a childlike matter that it really makes you stop and think about your position on the topic and what you would tell an 11 year old kid.
Reggie Love is definitely the most complex character. After a painful divorce, attempted suicide, and commitment into various mental facilities, she begins a new life as a smart-talking, witty, clever, and absolutely crazy lawyer who you just have to love. They call it her “second life” and she lives it to its fullest. Only a 4 year lawyer and she’s able to outsmart the FBI. She cares so much, too much, about her “little clients” and although she denies it, is willing to risk her life for some of them. She’s a very strong character, but still very vulnerable, which makes for a great story.
( forgot the spelling :)), is the opposing, big-headed, stuck up, U.S. prosecuting attorney who is absolutely determined to win the case no matter the extremes. Completely engrossed in his job, he really helps display the infamous view of the lying, cheating, snake-like lawyers which we all hate so dearly, yet, Grisham also makes it seem like he is just trying to do his job.

The plot is pointless for me to elaborate :), is either full-blown action, or boring, drag along lawyer stuff and mob talk. Basically, at some parts you can’t put the book down and then at others you are just waiting in agony for something exciting to happen, but its well worth the wait. Overall–I’d only suggest it as a casual read, not great, not bad… just an interesting book for any given weekend…

P.S. for the time being I’m taking a break from reading, will be trying something new for some time – music, theatre, movies, ngo… ?? Maybe… but books are my most reliable and loyal girlfriends… we are just having a break… it’s not over, it will never be over… 🙂


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