Some Unfinished Lists..

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Thoughts

I’m in the process of developing a few lists. Here they are so far (it rhymes :)). If you have any additions, or wish to challenge any of these, bang on the comments as hard as you like. This is a work in progress. Making these lists is something I’m doing as a way of helping myself to think in a rational way, to think about my priorities in life and to find out what i truly believe in.

1. Here is a list of everything I absolutely know exists:

  • Me

2. Here is a list of things we speak of as if they were real, but they do not exist:

  • Ghosts
  • Squares and Circles
  • 1 dimensional lines
  • 2 dimensional objects
  • An inch
  • The poor*
  • The rich*
  • The sky
  • Perfection
  • Wealth
  • Infinity
  • 4 (or any other numeral)
  • Pacifism
  • The tooth fairy
  • Santa Clause

3. Here is a list of things I believe are real, but I lack complete evidence of their reality
(Given my first list, I realize this list could include everything in the world except me, but I’m doing this as an excercise for anyone free enough to give a thought. I think you can see where I’m going with this)

  • Color
  • Causality (One thing causes another)
  • Other people
  • Right and Wrong
  • Karma and Salvation**
  • Yesterday
  • Hatred
  • Vanity

4. Here is a list of things I want to be true so badly that I’m willing to act as though they are true all the days of my life.

  • Love
  • Humanity
  • Goodness
  • Hard work pays off
  • My Life Ultimately Means Something

I want people to think well, and I want them to think for themselves, ESPECIALLY about the things that everyone assumes are true. I think it’s not my job to nurture people in this, they are free to create their own lists. It’s a joyous thing to let our minds open and see how far and how deep we can ponder into our own existence.
A normal kid starts asking questions at an age of about four, challenging every word, every myth, every identity he came across. It’s a good thing to talk honestly about what we know, what we believe, and to ask about what we are uncertain of. Every individual chooses his/her own path. While being at it, whenever people interacts with me, I can only show them my life, make an attempt to honestly tell them what I think, what i believe and what i don’t. It hard to be honest all the time, its hard to reveal your weaknesses, your cons, but still while preparing our own lists, we can make an attempt to be honest… at least we are not answerable for it, these are our individual lists afterall..

*There are only individual people in this world. There are people who own a lot and people who have almost nothing, but these categories are only a convenient way of thinking about people.

**karma and Salvation part is a bit of a joke, but it’s fun watching people argue that they really exists and deal with their frustration at not being able to prove it.


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