God is a Sadist

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Thoughts

God conveniently did not intervene in the Japan’s Tsunami massacre. So why are all these people on Facebook praying to god for the families of the victims, and for the peace of the dead soul? Seriously, how many people are dead already? What, exactly, did god do for them? Why would he give a shit about their grieving family members?

This is an issue that bothers the hell out of me.

People were praying for me and my family that god would give us comfort when my grandmother died (my Dad’s aunt to be precise). At the same time they were assuring us that God called her home and that she was in a better
place. Why did god feel it necessary that she suffer unspeakable agony for weeks before she was good and ready to be with him? Why was the only comfort she got come from narcotics used to numb the pain for three fucking weeks?

God is a goddamned sadist.

Does he enjoy hearing the victim’s rasping, wheezing, and dying breaths? Is he amused by their family’s pleas to let them hang on a little longer? Or does it piss him off that people quietly begged him/her to just let go?

People die in horrendous ways every minute of every day and God don’t even turn a deaf ear to the plight of the starving. People die, terror reigns, the tormentors prospers and the God lets them. He never intervenes. He never prevents the sease, the accident, the psychotic man with the gun. He never shows any compassion for the survivors and family. And still the religious turn to their heartfelt platitudes. It makes them feel better that they did what they could.

But sooner or later, it seems to me, something like this has got to hit so close to home that you can’t stand it anymore.

I’m no stranger to unbearable pain, cheating, betrayal it’s a big part of my entire life. There is no comfort to be found in, with, or by God. It’s all bullshit.

What’s the point?

He’s (if he’s there at all, and I assume God to be a he, if he do exist at all) just a sadist, who enjoys the plight, terror and vandalism more than anything else. The prayers, the faith, the trust in the almighty are just vain hope of the weaker to please the sadist… and to him it’s none but Sadist satisfaction.


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