Beauties in Life

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Thoughts

A famous phrase… Shit happens, Life happens..!!
Its true… we all are kind of fucked up in our everyday life… daily tensions, stress, work pressure, exams, studies, loans, illness… for someone its not getting big budget movies, not getting an IPL team, and for someone the smallest meal for the next supper, everyone around us is kind of trapped up between our own cobweb, in our own materialistic needs.. still some small, beautiful things happens, sometimes on a daily basis, sometimes weekly… things that make our lips curl in a smile, fills our inner self with some of heavenly pleasure, something that giggles with you… these are the most innocent, selfless thing with no selfishness at all… just things that are… umm… beautiful 🙂

Nothing could beat the feeling of childish pleasure one derives from teasing their parents over phone, telling them how drunk you were last night… making them say no you weren’t… the way they say they trust you wouldn’t do that… the moment they say they trust you… unbeatable..
And the way you wait the whole day for someone to come online, and tell them you are free, your company pays you to sit idle, while you have your deadlines to be delivered on the same day… spending hours talking to that person being careless… beautiful, and the way you smile while sitting whole night on a Friday, completing your assignment…thinking about all the things you two talked about… even more beautiful.
Showing the same set of pics to your mum again and again, talking about all the people leaving only one out… hoping she’ll notice and ask about her, and then you just say with a smile “She’s a friend” 🙂
Playing hide and Seek with a kid, looking him getting frustrated on not being able to find you, watching them being playful, confused, irritated… lovely

And with friends there are so many – fighting over a fifteen rupee chole bhature in canteen, being caught by your teacher marking proxy for a friend, all the night outs at India gate and Dhabas at Delhi-Jaipur highway, the trips to Trade Fair, auto expo, teasing your friends for their crushes and what about looking at all those childhood pics, looking at your and your brother/sisters cute gestures, and the smile that comes at your face after listing about your parents arrange marriage … pricesless!!
The doubts and fear before your first beer and realizing later on ‘it ain’t that big a deal afterall’
And as they say Love is the most beautiful expression… the number of times your mum calls you in a day after you tell her you are having head ache, the selfless love with which she says to you at 2 A.M. before your exam ‘So ja thak gaya hoga’ What could be more beautiful in the world than this..

Life is beautiful my friend… enjoy it… 🙂

  1. this post….. a masterpiece

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