The Unsaid Love

Posted: April 6, 2011 in So called Poetry

I feel the agony, the endless pain, All that time had gone in vain
The day you came in my life,  Was like the clouds in full sunlight
The day I first saw you there, A junior girl waiting on the stairs
I was done by the way you smiled, Way u dread the ragging site

And we thrived there for years, Looked at u with smiles to spare
A little chit chat here n there,  Little glimpes n canteen glares
Staring you walking with friends,  Merry you,  in colorful trends
Days, Months n years went by,  I was there dreaming each night

Never had d courage nor the guts,To come to you n say those words
Alas I loved, and still I love,         And now I wish to do the reverse
You were there and I graduated, To move in life, the life I hated
Then the fate had its turn, Made us friends on the facebook front

I was happy once and again, The lost hope was there to be regained
And we chatted for long hours, And I was like the king of the hour
You told me things I still cherish, Leaving the old days in perish
The happiness lasted few odd months,  Self realization was upfront

He’s good,awesome somewhat great, li’l arrogant but a worthy mate
This is what you told me about,  and all i could do was laugh aloud
Wish you luck oh lovely lass,  You are the one no one can surpass
Thus ends the story of love unsaid, Few good memories in life I had



  1. the story never ends it just halted with good memories, may be things are not that easy you never know what happen life is a bitch can turn in or against your favour any moment..but let it be true, genuine and pure as it always was 🙂

  2. Akshay Kumar says:

    I don know why people awlays relate things posted here with me… 🙂 This is a mere creation out of imagination, and it has no relation with anything happened to me or happening to me, please don make a mistake of relating things posted here with me or my personal life..!!In posts I have a role to play I do mention it myself… :)BTW if it do have any similarities with someone's life it'll be treated a mere coincidence.. 😉

  3. Prateek Jain says:

    Really good if its on you..and awesome if imagination…though i dont think so..howsoever BIG your disclaimers be 🙂

  4. Akshay Kumar says:

    looks like someone spilled the beans… 🙂

  5. Spectator says:

    Too descriptive to be imaginative.

  6. Akshay Kumar says:

    Wish I could rewrite it…. with less details.. :Pthough I'd still say its imaginative 🙂

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