Let Go…

Posted: October 16, 2011 in So called Poetry
They say good things come to an End
Wonder if it was good or not, But
The time’s finally come
What I’m doing can’t be undone
My patience has been tested
For years, I’m feeling wasted
You gave your card, asked me to call
Expecting someday, somewhere I’ll fall
I may have my problems
But with you around, I cannot solve them
May be you are an Inspiration
Or a myth, or an illusion
The situation’s been this; I get stuck
And without you nothing struck
Times are changing and I gotta learn
The tricks that make an adult firm
Don’t shut the world from my eyes
For then I will not be wise
See through my perspective
And don’t be too protective
For I can think of nothing better
Than be the family trend-setter
Change’s the only constant
Trust me, this a’int just a stunt
Something in your heart will stir
If not, lemme make it a bit clear
Let Go..!!

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