If Superman liked Books

Posted: February 11, 2012 in So called Poetry, Thoughts

When I walk down the street
Past stores and the windows
And I see large, small and
Gigantic Books, of all colors
On sale, Not an auction
For super cheap prices
I jump, High into the air
to never come back to ground
cuz I love Books so very much
They make me fly, High
Like Superman, but only
If Superman liked books.

  1. lol. Know what you mean..:)

  2. :). Man I have 7k worth of books in my flipkart cart. If only I could hide all my books from my hubby.

  3. 123 says:

    Not that I’m keeping a score
    but i have books galore
    stil I want more n more
    coz I really like to pore
    every new and old lore
    so whenver I go to a store
    I try to buy atleast a score
    but Mummy allows only four
    so I become very sore
    But someday i’ll grow up n earn more
    then buy all the books I adore
    And don’t you think I have no chore
    but i really needed someone to bore

  4. @123: Phew… even my readers rhyme… with great readers comes great responsibility, better I keep up the standards 😀

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