Girl in Long Sleeves

Posted: February 18, 2012 in So called Poetry

She’s always clad in long sleeves & jeans
No matter how hot the weather seems
If she’s on the streets, people gawk & stare
She’s used to it, now, she don’t care

But when she’s alone, then she dare
To reveal to herself, her arms bare
Each cut there tells a different story
And it wasn’t cuz she didn’t get her lolly

When the whole world crashed down on her
She hated herself, yet no one could see
That it was because of his immense pressure
He never loved her, She was never assured

So to keep herself from dying away
She knew there was only one way
To take out her blade & admire it’s shine
She remember failing, time after time

She hesitate no more and reveal her inner self
Forgetting how he abandoned her on the shelf
She feel happy & elated, in thoughts, but maybe
It’s how she want to feel till she’s cremated

  1. 123 says:

    Reply from the Grave
    He had no option but to lie
    for he himself was about to die

    Death was imminent, doctors told him
    Chances of survival were not even slim

    So with all the courage that he could muster
    He lied with a smile that he never loved her

    He knew that she would never believe
    But it was the best way for him to leave

    Yesterday he died alone of cancer
    she’ll never know coz no one told her

    And seeing her in present condition
    Even the heaven for him is perdition

  2. And soon she’ll join him there
    Unless the heavens conspire
    For she’ll soon learn of him
    And his pain & his suffering
    She’ll cry, but all in vain
    He’s gone & there is pain

    No tears, no cuts, no cries
    Can bring solace to her life
    She’s the girl in long sleeves
    And each day her arms bleeds
    Waiting for her time to come
    Somewhere he’s waiting her return

    P.S. I love your rhyming comments 🙂

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