If I don’t know who I am

Posted: February 19, 2012 in So called Poetry

What If I wake up tomorrow
And I don’t know who I am
Will anyone tell me this
Or will they just let me walk
Walk around like a crazy person
Who doesn’t know who he is
And who might not even exist
For all he knows, might be a dream

Maybe some friendly homeless person
He’ll teach me the ways of this world
And that I’m his long-lost friend
And then we’ll go bowling together
Free bowling, made of rocks & soup cans
Because we’re homeless and can’t afford
the real leisurely bowling in a club
With those expensive bowling shoes
Who can afford that? Not me.

  1. 123 says:

    I wish I wake up like that every morrow
    forgetting every grief and every sorrow
    nothing to lend and nothing to borrow
    no worries of today and of tomorrow

    May be others will deem me asinine
    But I’ll be on cloud number nine
    not knowing about any dividing line
    about what’s yours and what’s mine

    I hope it happens, I really do pray
    I’ll be happy, so happy and gay
    nothing to worry, come what may
    Coz it will be a new day everyday

  2. The mystery reader again shines
    commenting on my stupid rhymes
    bold, concise and deep he sound
    like some light of wisdom unbound

    Hope that some day he/she’ll reveal
    the identity this name 123 conceals
    may be you are my split personality
    Oh yes that’s why all this anonymity 😀

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