To My Inner God

Posted: February 25, 2012 in So called Poetry, Thoughts

Some are just born with a silver spoon,
Everything they want, greed or gloom.
Others like me are quite the opposite,
Wearing the shoes that will never fit.

They are enjoying their candy canes,
I, licking clean my sweet tin in the rain.
They go clicking pics with digital reels,
I deliver newspapers in my two wheels.

Audi , Mercedes, are just some of them,
My rickety cycle, no one gives a damn.
Apart from the glitter, glamour and glitz,
There’s something deep, hidden amidst.

When I walk alone in the heavy rain,
Or lay in a corner, curled up in pain,
It’s you who will be there by my side,
The one, in whom I can always confide.

When I go hungry, you will provide,
Or when I’m lost, yes, you will guide.
In your embrace, I know I am loved,
You’re my friend, soul, my Inner God.

  1. 123 says:

    Your words my son are cogent
    But you know I’m not indulgent
    For I want my sons to be diligent
    whether they are rich or indigent

    When you are alone or in a throng
    I’ll be there with you all along
    I might test you with some wrong
    I’ll throw challenges, meet them headlong

    All your wants I will provide
    All your fears I will subside
    Life for you wont be an easy glide
    But have faith, it won’t be belied

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