The Helpless Angel

Posted: May 20, 2012 in So called Poetry

And now I’m confused
But I don’t know why.
And there is no excuse
So I let out a heavy sigh.
Hidden here I persevere,
With pain, try to remember.
But my condition is severe,
been so since last September.
Or maybe it was December?
And I really can’t remember.
Dejected I try to resume
My daily merry routine.
I cry to let me go home,
This place is way too clean.
And I consumed the wine
Which tastes really great.
And all the pretty things
Here, I try to appreciate.
They persuaded to come
With free wine and rum.
They said it is Heaven
What happened to me?
I haven’t seen my family
Since last December.
Or maybe it was September?
Or I just can’t remember
cuz now I’m a helpless Angel.


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