Love On the Threshold of Waters

Posted: July 14, 2012 in So called Poetry, Thoughts

Been a long time, I haven’t written about love… and sitting here sleepless as usual I feel like scribbling something, maybe lil stupid, but again it’s my blog, I guess I have the freedom to write anything I want to 🙂


For me you are indeed lost, and if I search you,
None of the web sites will find you for me,
You come and talk with me, and then go away,
The talks will remain with me, but not you,
And I feel something disappointing and vain,
As I am unable to decide of me and of my life.

And you are indeed lost, in this jungle of life,
As so many souls are there to make you love
For their choice, the design of love that I lost,
And I live in my dreams of days to be with you,
And I remember you each time when I sleep,
thinking of you, next to me, on a lovely stroll.

You are indeed lost, in this big jungle of life, merry,
As comfort and time are two big twining illusions,
With which we are now moving and searching love,
And all I have is the memories of those days in past,
Walking beside you, thinking of keeping you safe,
Each day, I tried to  do so, never letting you know.

I do not want to ensure your faith in me, and
In the hours of our significant cause, I want
Love to thrive on the shore of life’s momentary stay,
That is the scope to feel love, and on the way,
We will surely take voyage, either together or separately,
From our recognition wave, on the threshold of waters,
That the earth holds for us to live, and let us live in love.


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