Will Not Stop

Posted: February 20, 2013 in So called Poetry, Thoughts

A small walk
that goes hand in hand
a sound sleep that
rests on shoulder
a sweetness that we share
your frown that I care
our voices so still
that heartbeats come to living
no matter how and where and why I am,
will not stop loving…

Happiness is cherished with you,
and you know about my tears too,
days sometimes are just black
Hopefully I can hold myself back,
I just count my days dear,
hours with you will be many more
o please..!!
hold me, hug me so near to you
so that every breath,
every thought
starts thanking you,
for I promise that a bigger promise
is waiting,
will not stop loving…

A whisper I hear,
a call so dear,
an hour much awaited
when another day adds to us again,
may the smile remains the same,
and happiness lifelong blooms,
and may everything you touch
always experiences unfading spring
will not ever…
will not ever stop loving!!


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