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Posted: January 6, 2013 in My Life, So called Poetry, Thoughts

These distances may separate your hands from minePromise
these long roads may divide your heart and mine
but I still have this love for you so divine!
Every time you’re lonely or every time you’re mad
every time you’re angry or every time you’re sad
I wish I could snatch away every problem you had or have
Right now, there’s not much I can do
Except listen and try and brighten your day by my words
so every day I do the best I can to cheer you up
At the same time I know you’ll do the same for me
you fill my world with happiness and bliss
But sometimes I’m afraid that the miles and roads
that separate us might become too much to bear
And you’ll do what u feel is better for you and move on
But I never want to lose you, NEVER
I don’t want to do nothing but please n love you; till the day I die
I will always be by your side
When you laugh and when you cry
From this day forward I make this Promise
And it’s because I know I will keep it
No matter how hard time may be
Or how blue our days may seem
No matter what we go through
No matter what we do
No matter where we are
I promise………
No matter what I will ALWAYS love
And that is my promise ”
A Promise I make just to you..!!



Posted: November 24, 2012 in My Life, So called Poetry

All I ever did was to kid around
Making fun of her every word
My seriousness was nowhere to be found
I was merely acting absurd

Whenever she would stare
I would make a funny face
Whenever she would show her care
I would just drift off to space

I never stopped blabbing
Even when she gave her clue
I continued to be my childish self
So she never knew,  she never knew

She never knew how much it hurt
For me to keep it all inside
If only she look deeper within
She’d see the struggle I tried to hide

Now that it’s all open to her
I pretend that it wasn’t there
She’ll never see the tears I cry
Whenever she came my way

I can’t say I had something
cuz I just hid the truth
So I’ll always be left hanging
For she never knew,  she never knew